The Wonderful Cup Run of Clapton CFC Women’s

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In the Women’s FA cup, the women of Clapton Community FC currently playing in the 7th division of English Football are writing history. They just eliminated Hounslow FC, who are 4 divisions above them, on Sunday.

Starting in the 2nd preliminary round, the women’s team of the Tons conquered every challenge, eliminating Haringey Borough FC (5th division), Biggleswade United (6th division), Bedford Ladies (5th
division). On Sunday, they realised the biggest achievement in the history of the club, by eliminating Hounslow WFC (3rd division) in penalties.

The Ultimate Underdog

Four wins in a row against teams that were, on paper, superior, moreover all of them coming away, which gives more perspective on the performance of the teammates of Marta Boiro and Emily Link. Even if it difficult to single out individual players in what is essentially a huge collective effort, Clapton CFC could always count on the talent of their Galician playmaker and their striker, scoring 4 goals each (8
of their team’s 9 goals).

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At this stage of the competition, there was only 2 teams from division 7 (the other being Netherton United), and all the teams from division 6 had been eliminated. This highlights the enormous performance of the supporter owned and managed East-London club. Taking the role of the ultimate underdog – the name given to ‘outsiders’ across the channel – against Hounslow WFC (former women’s team of QPR), Clapton women had nothing to lose. Even if their opponent is struggling in their league,
the step seemed even higher than in the past three rounds.

Clapton CFC breaking records and among the last 52 teams!

Carried by a large number of fans who had made the ‘short’ trip to the Hanworth Villa FC pitch – where the match had been arranged – the Tons faced a game that only the beauty of a cup run could allow, against an opponent four divisions higher. The least we could say is that they stepped up to the challenge. For 120 minutes, they were on equal footing with their opponents – and thanks to great saves by Polly Adams – resisting them until a penalty shootout that they mastered (3-1). The women from Clapton CFC are particularly adept at shoutouts, eliminating Bedford in the same vein a fortnight prior.

This is only their second participation in the Women’s FA Cup (the first was in 2018/19), but the women from Clapton CFC – who are flying high in their league, the Greater London Women’s Football League
Premier – are already undergoing a history making journey. It is the first team from Division 7 in history to reach this stage of the competition, and the first team in history to beat an opponent four
divisions higher!

A victory which confirms the underdog status of Clapton CFC, now the only team from division 7, after the heavy defeat of Netherton United. Moreover, this victory sends Clapton CFC in the very closed circle of the last 52 teams. With championship (2nd division) clubs now entering
the draw in the next round, the Tons can dream of a prestige match against Liverpool, Sheffield United or Sunderland. They are not afraid of anyone!

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* In the next round, the Tons will face Plymouth Argyle Ladies Football Club (3rd Division) at Kimberley Stadium in Saltash, on December 12. 

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